How to buy a house in Amsterdam & Amstelveen: Free orientation event

How to buy a house in Amsterdam & Amstelveen: Free orientation event

Mar 24, 2018
2pm - 5pm
Vondelkerk, Vondelstraat 120
Free, registration required

The housing market in and around Amsterdam can be pretty complex. There is a high demand, a much lower supply and there are lots of daunting legal ins and outs.

Also, all kinds of rules apply which are difficult to anticipate and hard to understand. The free orientation event "How to buy a house in Amsterdam & Amstelveen" helps you get it right.

Guide through the home buying process

The event will guide you through the entire home buying process, including the roles played by the real estate agent, the mortgage advisor and the notary.

You will learn about getting a mortgage in the Netherlands and about understanding the terms of the loan.

This includes:

  • Free bites and drinks.
  • Talk to the builder who can inform you about remodelling and renovation work.
  • Approach a local expert with your questions about investing in a property.
  • There is a great movie to watch about the Amsterdam/Amstelveen market and how to buy a house and stay safe.

Only the best experts in various fields will be present to offer advice:

  • A real-estate agent - Burgemeester Vastgoed
  • A mortgage advisor - Expat Mortgages
  • A builder - Bakker Constructions
  • A notary - Kasper Notariaat
  • A bank representative - Rabobank
  • An interior designer and more - Vivip
  • An international mover - Schmidt Global

There will also be a legal advisor to help you out.

Find all the information you need in a small-scale setting at a beautiful location; the Vondelchurch. A free nanny service is provided.

Sign up for the event

Pre-registration is required, so be sure to sign up if you want to attend the event. There will be a free nanny service available at the event.