Grand exhibition at the Dutch Flower Art Museum

Grand exhibition at the Dutch Flower Art Museum

Oct 13, 2019Jan 05, 2020
Dutch Flower Art Museum, Kudelstaartseweg 1

A world-renowned photographer will exhibit his work at the Flower Art Museum in Aalsmeer. Come and enjoy the masterpieces of one of the most prominent botanical photographers in the world.

Photography at the Flower Art Museum

From October 13, 2019, to January 5, 2020, Richard Fischer’s floral photography will be presented at the most fitting venue in the whole country: the Flower Art Museum in Aalsmeer.

Grand Exhibition at the Dutch Flower Art Museum in Aalsmeer

The flower capital of the world

If you love flowers, you’ll have to visit Aalsmeer. For a short time in spring, you can visit the Keukenhof and the Bulb Region, both famous for their tulips and other spring flowers. But for flower-related art on a whole other level, there's Aalsmeer. This North Holland town is located 13km southwest of Amsterdam and has been dubbed the world's flower capital, as it is home to the largest flower auction in the world. 

The Flower Art Museum, one of the many museums in the Netherlands, is the newest addition to this globally-renowned horticultural town. It is the world's first museum dedicated entirely to contemporary art inspired by flowers. The annual celebration of flowers, Aalsmeer Flower Festival, takes place in two locations: the Flower Art Museum, as well as at the Historical Garden (Historische Tuin), which is the horticultural museum of Aalsmeer.

Plan your visit

Find out more about the Flower Art Museum website. Aalsmeer is easy to reach by public transportation from Amsterdam and other Dutch cities.

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