Dutch National Ballet presents La Dame aux Camélias

Dutch National Ballet presents La Dame aux Camélias

Oct 13, 2018Nov 04, 2018
Dutch National Opera and Ballet, Amstel 3, 1011 PN
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The Dutch National Ballet presents La Dame aux Camélias, the story of doomed love, penned by the legendary French writer Alexandre Dumas. Running from October 13 until November 4, this gripping tale is related with the utmost skill and elegance by a star-studded cast.

A story comes to life through dance

This could not have been a more fitting artistic combination: the story is by Dumas, music by Chopin and choreography by John Neumeier. 

According to John Neumeier: “As soon as there is one person on stage, there’s a story; two people, there’s a relationship.” The German-American choreographer is renowned for his storytelling capabilities through dance. He seamlessly combines classical technique with organic movements, with his mastery particularly obvious in the group scenes. 


The tragedy of ill-fated love

To put it briefly, La Dame aux Camélias tells the 19th century Parisian story of Marguerite Gaultier a young courtesan suffering from consumption, and a bourgeois young man Armand Duval. Faced with scandal and disapproval, their love is doomed to fail.

Sumptuous costumes and set design

The celebrated set and costume designer Jürgen ​​​​​Rose has created an array of 450 opulent 19th-century-style costumes especially for the ballet. The sets are equally majestic, inspiring awe as audiences virtually step into the Paris of a bygone era.

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Tickets of La Dame aux Camélias are available on the Dutch National Opera website. Book your ballet tickets in advance before all the good seats are taken!