Discover the flavours of Amsterdam with the NeighbourFood Route

Discover the flavours of Amsterdam with the NeighbourFood Route

May 08, 2021May 30, 2021
Various locations
39,50 euros

Discover the many flavours of Amsterdam with the NeighbourFood Route.

Walk the NeighbourFood Route and try delicious new flavours

With the NeighbourFood Route you can eat your way through the delicious neighbourhoods of Amsterdam! This “non-touristy” foodie experience will unlock secret food havens you might have never heard of, so you'll be sure to discover hidden gems to tell your friends about! 

While exploring the city, some of the best food makers of Amsterdam serve you the tastiest snacks and drinks imaginable. The portions are precisely the right size to make sure you feel satisfied, but still have an appetite for the next course! 

About NeighbourFood Route

NeighbourFood Route is organised by the team who brought you the NeighbourFood Market in Amsterdam, which, like many events, cannot take place at the moment due to coronavirus. So now they're back with a pandemic-proof food route!

The NeighbourFood Route team wishes to make many of their old visitors happy again with the routes, which will bring you to food hideaways guaranteed to whet your appetite and make you curious to see what's coming up next! So, celebrate your evening or afternoon with a city "hiking picnic".

Photo: courtesy of NeighbourFood Route NeighbourFood Route in Amsterdam

How NeighbourFood Route works

There are four different routes to choose from and on each route there are five stops. So expect to enjoy, in total, five delicious dishes and five drinks.

This is how it works:

  • Choose a date and a route 
  • Reserve and pay
  • On the day of your walk, you'll receive an email with a personal ticket and useful information for your walking route
  • Show your digital ticket at each eatery to enjoy all the delicious food along your route

Get your tickets

Check the NeighbourFood Route website for all routes and tickets.

Photo: courtesy of NeighbourFood Route Amsterdam NeighbourFood Route

Thumb photo: courtesy of NeighbourFood Route