Beer exhibition - Amsterdam, a city of beer and brewers

Beer exhibition - Amsterdam, a city of beer and brewers

Jul 10, 2020Nov 01, 2020
Kalverstraat 92
15 euros for a standard adult ticket

Amsterdam Museum is paying tribute to its city’s beer history with a special exhibition dedicated to Dutch beer, running right through until November! It is one of the many exhibitions that was due to be unveiled in spring but had to be postponed due to coronavirus measures. The exhibition, "Amsterdam, a city of beer and brewers", will take place at the Amsterdam Museum. 

Beer exhibition at Amsterdam Museum

Amsterdam has 45 breweries - more than any Dutch city - and a multitude of specialised beer cafes. The Dutch capital has been a fertile ground for beer brewing since the 14th century, and, as visitors will discover for themselves at this exhibition, the evolution of beer brewing is fascinating. Learn all about brewing processes, the industrialisation of beer-making and the rise of pale lager in the 19th century.

Wander through brewing history of the Dutch capital, from guilds to brands like Heineken, right up to the craft beer craze of recent years. Visitors can get acquainted with breweries of the present day, like De Prael, Mokums Mout, Gebrouwen door Vrouwen, Brouwerij ‘t IJ and Oedipus.

Stroll through the history of Amsterdam beer culture

Through artefacts, contemporary and historic art, and advertising, interesting narratives emerge. In a laboratory-like hall, you can take in the aromas of different kinds of ingredients like hops through an atomiser and brewer’s yeast can be viewed through a microscope.

The exhibition also shows the dark side of the beer industry, like its negative effects on health and the misogynistic advertising used to market beer through the years.

The historic Amsterdam Museum building on Kalverstraat was previously used as a convent and an orphanage. At one point, beer was also produced there! To mark the occasion of the beer exhibition, a speciality beer has been brewed - it will be on sale in the museum shop!

Book your tickets online

Just like the majority of museums operating in ways to prevent the further spread of coronavirus, museum tickets are sold exclusively online with specific time allocations. The exhibition is mapped out in a one-way system for easy movement that avoids congestion. Masks are not obligatory, but washing your hands beforehand is strongly recommended. Get your beer exhibition tickets on the Amsterdam Museum website.