Architecture Day

Architecture Day

Jun 15, 2023Jun 18, 2023

Take a look behind the scenes of intriguing buildings in Dutch cities, towns and villages during Architecture Day in the Netherlands! This event is ideal for anyone interested in architecture, urban development or city living and its aesthetics and features.

Architecture Day in the Netherlands

Architecture Day, or Dag van de Architectuur in Dutch, is an annual event during which visitors get the opportunity to gain entry to homes, offices and other fascinating iconic buildings that are usually closed off to the public, and admire their design and development throughout the years.

This year’s Architecture Day is on June 15-18. Special activities will be organised in the open locations, such as tours, performances, lectures and excursions.

Architecture Day locations

Architecture Day takes place in locations all around the Netherlands and every city and town has its own unique programme of events. Here are some of the largest and most renowned Architecture Day highlights:

Architecture Day in Amsterdam

Amsterdam will be focusing its Architecture Day on the Amstelkwartier, where a huge building project aims to create over 50.000 homes by the year 2025. Themes are redevelopment, restoration and diversity.

Architecture Day in Rotterdam

The Architecture Day in Rotterdam will focus on the waterside, and take place in the Maritime District and the Wilhelmina Pier.

Architecture Day in Utrecht

Architecture Day in Utrecht will show exciting local developments. You can participate in tours, bike trips, exhibitions and lectures.

Architecture Day in Eindhoven

The Eindhoven Architecture Day will lead you along a bicycle route through remarkable residential areas and other buildings.

Plan your Architecture Day

On the Architecture Day website, you can check out the ins and outs of the special happenings on the weekend of Architecture Day.