Amsterdam Tulip Festival

Amsterdam Tulip Festival

Apr 01, 2019Apr 30, 2019
Various locations in the city
Free in public areas

Amsterdam Tulip Festival

The tulip has always been closely intertwined with the life of Amsterdam, but in recent decades, the iconic Dutch flower has been disappearing from city streets and public areas.

About the Amsterdam Tulip Festival

"A tulip for every citizen of Amsterdam."

The Amsterdam Tulip Festival strives to bring the tulip back to town by planting one bulb for every resident of Amsterdam, which totals 800.000 tulips! For this year's edition, the fifth year of the Amsterdam Tulip Festival, half a million tulips have been planted in gardens, parks and squares.

Planted in public locations

The famous flowers can be admired in a number of interesting public locations, as well as in gardens outside notable buildings in Amsterdam. Thousands of bulbs were planted last autumn, and these will flower in the spring.

How to find the tulips

From April 1 onwards, many parts of Amsterdam will be offering a free festival guide that includes all venues, the names of the tulips on display, and maps showing you where to find them.

Participating locations for the Tulip Festival

Prepare to feast your eyes on tulips at more than 85 locations in Amsterdam. Here are just a few of the prime locations that participated previously, and are expected to join Tulip Festival Amsterdam again this year:

The gorgeous sights the festival offers might just inspire you to plant your own tulips next autumn!

A free event

Admission to the listed public locations for Amsterdam Tulip Festival is free, although some participating museums and gardens will charge their usual fees.