Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

Oct 18, 2023Oct 22, 2023
Venues across the city

The Amsterdam Dance Event brings DJs, dance music professionals, artists and over 350.000 fans from all over world to Amsterdam

Leading electronic music platform

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the leading electronic music platform and the biggest club festival in the world. It hosts over 450 music events, featuring over 2.200 artists across 120 venues in five days.

Why is the event so special?

The event’s sheer size, along with the continually impressive line-ups and an unbeatable party atmosphere make the Amsterdam Dance Event a special experience like no other.

From niche to mainstream

Amsterdam is packed with cool spots to play. From niche to mainstream, from small-scale, pop-up stores and rooftop hangouts to the massive concerts in the Ziggo Dome - the Amsterdam Dance Event is dedicated to showing how much good music is out there!

Photo: ADE Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

Though the festival is huge and the parties are great, the small scale of Amsterdam and the representation of various sections of the dance industry offer a more insightful look into the trends and future of the dance, clubbing and music business.

Not just concerts

ADE is much more than just its music performances. When it comes to the festival, it's a more relevant question to ask who in the electronic world won't be at the event rather than who is. During the festival, you will find all kinds of specials like:

  • Pop-up events like secret raves and rooftop parties
  • Music-related art exhibitions
  • Film screenings on clubbing and nightlife

Photo: ADE Amsterdam Dance Event

Plan your visit to ADE

With an astounding mix of events happening at Amsterdam Dance Event, choosing what to attend is not an easy task! Plan your visit carefully to get the most out of ADE and book tickets in advance before they sell out! Tickets can be purchased online, on the Amsterdam Dance Event website.

Thumb photo: ADE