Dutch house prices rise by record-breaking 20,4 percent in December

Dutch house prices rise by record-breaking 20,4 percent in December

The most recent figures from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reveal that, by the end of last year, house prices in the Netherlands were 20,4 percent higher than in December 2020, marking the most significant price hike ever recorded by the Dutch statistics office. 

House prices in the Netherlands rose by 15,2 percent in 2021

Throughout practically the whole of 2021, CBS recorded a steady increase in Dutch house prices, with the Dutch housing market seeing its largest price increase in over 20 years in November. Now, CBS has reported that between December 2020 and December 2021, prices for housing in the Netherlands rose by a staggering 20,4 percent. 

Records show that this is the largest price increase documented since records began in 1995. In fact, RTL Nieuws reports that 2021 saw the largest price hike since 1977. With the final data for last year finally revealed, CBS reports that the price of owner-occupied homes rose by an average of 15,2 percent last year.

Increasing number of properties sold for over one million euros

Ever since house prices in the Netherlands dipped over the summer of 2013, anyone looking to buy a house has faced an increasingly competitive market and steadily rising prices. In fact, earlier this month the Dutch Association of Estate Agents (NVM) reported that an increasing number of prospective buyers were having to fork out over one million euros for their dream home. 

For years, only between 1 and 1,5 percent of properties bought in the Netherlands were sold for over one million euros, but according to NVM’s research, in the fourth quarter of last year, this figure rose to 5 percent. Unsurprisingly, most of the high-ticket purchases occurred in major Dutch cities, specifically in the province of North Holland. Amsterdam, for example, accounted for 21 percent of all multi-million-euro properties sold in this period.

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