Which municipalities in the Netherlands have the most traffic signs?

Which municipalities in the Netherlands have the most traffic signs?

According to a report from the AD, recent data shared by HR Groep Streetcare reveals that Rijswijk in South Holland has the most traffic signs of any Dutch municipality, with over 7.600 signs on the 171 kilometres of roads managed by the local authority. 

Rijswijk has the most signs, Staphorst has the fewest

As a road safety and traffic sign organisation, HR Groep has published data on the number of traffic signs that can be found in each municipality in the Netherlands. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most sign-heavy municipalities can be found in the provinces of Utrecht, North Holland and South Holland, generally in areas around the major cities

The AD reports that Rijswijk - a municipality in The Hague - has the highest number of traffic signs, with drivers in the area encountering a sign an average of every 22 metres. In contrast, the municipalities of Schiermonnikoog (which is a car-free island) and Staphorst in Overijssel have the fewest signs.

Traffic signs every 55 metres on Dutch municipal roads

Of the five municipalities that were found to have the most traffic signs, four were located in South Holland. In addition to Rijswijk, these were The Hague (with a sign every 24,7 metres), Zoetermeer (24,8 metres) and Cappelle aan den Ijssen (25,5 metres). The only city outside of South Holland to nab a spot in the top five is, perhaps unsurprisingly, Amsterdam, where road users encounter traffic signs every 25,2 metres.

According to the AD, 400.000 of the 2,2, million traffic signs found on so-called municipal roads relate to parking - for example where cars can park or how much it costs to park - while there are around 200.000 speed limit signs. On average, motorists on municipal roads encounter a traffic sign every 55 metres.

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