Severe weather caused 886 million euros of damage in the Netherlands in 2022

Severe weather caused 886 million euros of damage in the Netherlands in 2022

According to data published by the Dutch Association of Insurers, the Netherlands suffered around 886 million euros worth of damage last year as a result of extreme or severe weather conditions, NU reports. 

Dutch insurers: Weather causes 886 million euros of damage

Overall, Dutch insurers report receiving claims worth over 886 million euros for damage caused by weather. This marks a new national record for the value of insurance claims for weather damage, breaking the previous record of 770 million euros in 2016.

"Extreme precipitation and storms are costing society more and more money," the association’s director, Richard Weurding, explained in a statement. “The impact of climate change is evident. So we must do everything we can to make the Netherlands more climate-proof."

Storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin caused the most damage

According to NU, the data - which was shared via the updated Klimaatschademonitor in May - reveals that the vast majority of the material damage was caused early in 2022, by the trio of storms that hit the country last February. Together, the storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin are responsible for around 714 million euros of damage - significantly higher than the 500 million euros initially expected by insurers in the Netherlands.

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