Schiphol reduces passenger numbers until March, cutting 13 percent of flights

Schiphol reduces passenger numbers until March, cutting 13 percent of flights

As staff shortages at Schiphol continue, the airport has announced that strict daily limits on the number of departing passengers will be in place from this autumn through to the end of March 2023. 

Long queues and disrupted travel at Schiphol Airport

The summer holidays might be over, but the past few weeks have proven that the chaotic scenes and long queues aren’t over yet. As the airport continues to suffer from a shortage of security staff, management has confirmed that harsh measures will be in place over the coming months in order to limit wait times and disruption to travel plans. 

A cap is already in place for the month of October, reducing the number of passengers departing from Schiphol by around 9.000 a day. From November through to the end of March 2023, the airport will continue to enforce a cap on passengers, reducing the number of outgoing flights by 13 percent compared to before the coronavirus pandemic

“Maintaining a maximum number of travellers is necessary. We want to guarantee the safety of employees and travellers and offer a more reliable airport process,” explained Hanne Buis. chief operations officer at Royal Schiphol Group. 

Number of outgoing flights from the Netherlands reduced until March 

The general cap has been placed at 46.000 people per day, but during the school holidays, it will be slightly higher, at 50.000 passengers per day. Airport management has said it will reassess the situation at the end of December in order to determine whether these figures could perhaps be increased from the end of January. 

While the Netherlands Trade Union Confederation (FNV) supports the airport’s decision, airlines and travel organisations have been quick to express their frustration. "The situation at Schiphol has been asking too much of our customers and our colleagues for too long," KLM chief Marjan Rintel told NOS, emphasising that these decisions would no longer be tolerated by the airline.

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BigMat 15:31 | 3 October 2022

It's really upsetting. Schipol has poorly managed their security and baggage handling workforce. Why other aiports have managed to deal with post-podemic and Schipol has not? They've refused pay rises and staff rightfully choose to leave/not come back. Schipol management is only concerned by their own profit and bonuses. They don't give a damn about passengers who have greatly suffered.