Schiphol reduces passenger numbers, hundreds of flights likely to be cancelled

Schiphol reduces passenger numbers, hundreds of flights likely to be cancelled

As travellers continue to face long queues as a result of a shortage of security staff at Schiphol, the airport has announced its decision to cap passenger numbers through to the end of October, reducing the number of travellers by an average of 9.250 per day. 

Schiphol Airport once again caps number of departing passengers

While the situation at the Netherlands’ biggest airport appeared to have improved in August, September has seen a revival of the chaotic scenes seen over the summer, as last week saw travellers facing hours-long queues at security checkpoints, while unclaimed suitcases piled up in the baggage hall. 

As the Netherlands heads into autumn, Schiphol has taken the decision to once again cap the number of travellers passing through the airport’s doors. Between mid-September and October 31, Schiphol is reducing passenger numbers by 18 percent, or an average of 9.250 per day. Similarly to over the summer, the number of passengers departing from the airport per day has been capped at 54.000 for September and 57.000 for October. 

The decision has already raised concerns amongst airlines and travel agencies, with Sunweb sharing fears about what this could mean for travel plans over the October school holidays. KLM has cancelled 42 flights on Monday, September 19 as a result of the measure. 

CEO Dick Benschop resigns, hopes for a new start for Schiphol

Schiphol has experienced a range of issues over the past several months, largely due to severe staff shortages. The situation has been fairly dire since the end of April, and last week saw the airport’s CEO, Dick Benschop, announce his resignation and acknowledge his responsibility for the way Schiphol was tackling the problems. 

"I’m taking the initiative to give Schiphol the space to make a new start. I don’t want the attention on me to become an obstacle for Schiphol,” Benschop explained.

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