The Netherlands one of the worst countries in the EU for food waste

The Netherlands one of the worst countries in the EU for food waste

According to figures recently published by European statistics office Eurostat, the Netherlands is among the worst countries in the European Union when it comes to throwing away food

161kg of food thrown away for every person in the Netherlands

Figures from 2020 reveal that 161 kilograms of food were thrown away for every person living in the Netherlands - significantly higher than the European average of 127 kilograms per person, and making the Netherlands the fifth-worst country in the EU when it comes to food waste.

Of the 161 kilograms, 59 were generated during the processing and manufacturing stages. A further 59 kilograms were generated by households and families, compared to the EU average of 70 kilograms per capita.

Worst countries in Europe for food waste 

The countries responsible for generating the most food waste per capita in 2020 were:

  1. Cyprus
  2. Denmark
  3. Greece
  4. Portugal
  5. The Netherlands

Slovenia threw away the least food, averaging just 68 kilograms per person.

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