E-skateboards and other “toys” banned from Dutch public roads

E-skateboards and other “toys” banned from Dutch public roads

Did you know that you’re not allowed to ride on public roads on hoverboards / airboards, electric scooters, electric skateboards or other “toys” in the Netherlands? Some electric scooters, like Segways, are allowed but must fulfil specific conditions.

Electric scooters in the Netherlands

As previously mentioned, some electric scooters are allowed on Dutch public roads (cycle paths included) but must fulfil specific conditions. An electric scooter is only permitted on the road if it has been appointed the status of “special moped” (bijzondere bromfiets) by the minister. If this is not the case, the electric scooter is not allowed on public roads.

If you’ve bought an electric scooter and it does belong to the “special moped” category, it also needs to be insured before it can take to the road, amongst other things, and the user needs to be 16 years old or above. The vehicle must also be equipped with lights and red and white / yellow reflectors.

When using the electric scooter, the driver must keep right as much as possible and use bicycle / moped paths if these are there. Special mopeds are only allowed to reach speeds of 25kmph.

“Toys” banned from public roads

Hoverboards, electric skateboards, monowheels and other “toys” are not allowed on public roads. They are not even allowed on the pavement. They can, however, be used on private premises, but these must not be accessible to public traffic. If you are caught using one of these vehicles on a public road, you risk getting a fine of 380 euros and may also have your vehicle confiscated.

What’s more, if you cause an accident, you’ll have to cough up for the damages yourself, warns the Dutch Association of Insurers. The Association wants there to be better information available about uninsured e-scooters and e-skateboards.

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antek 12:34 | 2 February 2020

Please update whether EUC as would be allowed to ride (with insurance) and where can check the official legislative law. Thank you.

minasolanki 09:48 | 3 February 2020

Hi Antek, Please take a look at this page from the government: It states that monowheels - like the one in your link - are not allowed on public roads. Hope this helps!

Andrew Kornilov 21:39 | 23 February 2020

is this one allowed (top speed is 25 kmph)

minasolanki 09:34 | 24 February 2020

Hi Andrew, you'll have to check whether it has been authorised by the government. Please take a look at this page (in Dutch) for more information: Hope this helps!

SandraSkwierawska2 15:37 | 7 September 2021

Hi, I cannot find any information if I'm allowed to ride an electrical scooter on cycle paths in the Netherlands, specificly in Rotterdam I have Xiaomi Pro m365 - example: It's electrical scooter, max speed 25km/h. I know it is forbidden to use roads (car roads). But what about bicycle paths? Best regards, Sandra

VictoriaSeveno2 16:43 | 7 September 2021

Hi Sandra. Here you can find all the information about the rules regarding electrical scooters in the Netherlands: According to the ANWB, scoorts with a max speed of 25km/h can ride on the bike lanes. Hope this helps!

SandraSkwierawska2 21:22 | 11 September 2021

Hi Victoria, thanks a lot! :)

Jaime A Barragán 20:58 | 30 October 2021

Hi Mina, are these allowed?

VictoriaSeveno2 09:10 | 1 November 2021

Hi Jamie. From the looks of the link you sent, that isn't an electric scooter, so yes it should be allowed and you shouldn't have any issues. Although it is worth noting that according to the Dutch government, anyone on a non-electric scooter is considered a pedestrian. This means that scooters aren't allowed on roads, and are only allowed on pavements, footpaths, or bike lanes ( Hope this helps!

drazydrazy2 21:12 | 27 April 2022

Hi, is it legal to use ninebot max g30p in Netherlands on the bike roads?

VictoriaSeveno2 09:16 | 28 April 2022

Hi there! You can find a list of which e-scooters are allowed on Dutch roads on the RDW website ( Hope this helps!