Dutch GP chain Co-Med goes bust: What you need to know

Dutch GP chain Co-Med goes bust: What you need to know

The general practitioner chain Co-Med, which was recently dropped by multiple health insurance companies in the Netherlands, has been declared bankrupt. Here’s what you need to know if you are registered with one of the company’s doctors. 

What’s happening with the GP chain Co-Med? 

Co-Med Zorg BV was declared bankrupt by a court in Maastricht on July 5, 2024. This follows the company being dropped by its partner health insurers CZ, VGZ, Menzis and Silveren Kruis on June 20 after questions were raised over the quality of care offered by the chain. 

According to NOS, an inspection by the Health and Youth Inspectorate found earlier this year that Co-Med practices were beset by issues: not only were they difficult to reach by phone, but many also did not have a doctor on call for medical emergencies, and offered insufficient information to patients about what they could do if they were unable to get in touch with their GP

Having lost its partnership contracts, Co-Med was left with no other option but to declare bankruptcy. This means that the approximately 50.000 patients registered with the chain - which had two locations in Amsterdam, and 10 others in The Hague, Eindhoven, Zwolle, Tilburg, Breda, Enschede and Helmond - have suddenly found themselves without a GP. 

What to know if you are a Co-Med patient

If you are affected by Co-Med’s sudden dissolution, you won’t be left in the lurch, however. All patients should have already been informed about the change and been given information on where they can find a new GP. A special website (in Dutch) has also been set up to show where you can go to receive medical care in your region, as follows:

  • Amsterdam (Health Gate practice) - Arene
  • Amsterdam (Slotervaart practice) - Jouw Huisarts Aan de Louwesweg
  • Bergen op Zoom - Arene
  • Eindhoven - Arene
  • Enschede - THOEN
  • Helmond - Arene
  • Hollands Kroon - Arene
  • The Hague - Register with new local GP or Hadoks
  • Tilburg - Arene
  • Zwolle - Arene

In Breda, the solution is a little more complicated. Patients have been informed that GP surgeries will expand their capacities to accept more new patients in the coming weeks and months. For the time being, if you are having trouble registering with your local practice, you can use either of the digital GP services Arene or Thuisdok. You will then be notified when it is possible to register with your local GP practice. 

This interim solution should guarantee basic care for all Co-Med patients. In an emergency, you can also visit an emergency GP outside of normal working hours. You should no longer attend your old Co-Med GP surgery, as any invoices issued by Co-Med will not be paid by health insurance companies. 

What if I am still waiting for a result from my GP?

Test results should still be viewable via your digital patient file. You can access this by heading to your GP’s website and logging in to the patient portal. If you no longer have access to this, you should try to speak to the healthcare provider who performed the test, or failing that contact the interim service provider (as laid out above) for advice. 

Where can I get my repeat prescription? 

To fill a repeat prescription, you need only visit your pharmacy; you don’t need to speak to your GP for this. If you are having any issues with the medication being issued by your pharmacy, you can speak to your interim service provider. 

Do I have to use Arene / another provider? Can I register with the GP of my choice?

You are free to register with a new, different GP, if you wish. As soon as a permanent solution is found for the Co-Med practice in your area, you will be notified. 

What happens to my medical notes?

Your current GP (Co-Med) is required to keep hold of your medical notes until your patient file can be transferred to your new GP. Your new GP needs to request this, and you have to give your permission for the transfer to take place. If you have any questions or concerns, you should contact your new GP. 

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