Bioinformatician – single cell transcriptomics

Research / Academic

The stem cell and regeneration lab at the LACDR led by Prof. M. Drukker is seeking a resident bioinformatician that will work closely with a team of biologists to discover mechanisms of cellular differentiation and drug response. Single cell RNA sequencing pipeline in the lab is producing raw data, that the bioinformatician will analyze in diverse projects related to the differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells into peripheral nerves (motor and sensory), muscles, blood and lung progenitors. The context will be normal differentiation and modeling of the effects of mutations associated with human disease (disease modeling), and effects of drugs on single cell transcriptomics. The bioinformatician will be embedded in the research group and will be able to conduct independent projects. Methods of transcriptomics such as 10x, and BART-Seq will focus on characterizing coding and non-coding genes and targeted sequencing of sonRNAs, tRNAs, lncRNAs and more.


Einsteinweg 55