Customer Operations Representative Dutch speaking with fluent German

Customer service


The tasks can be described as follows:

• Make sure your deliveries to customers are correct in number and type of orders
• Monitor the project milestones and act accordingly internal and external
• Contribute pro-actively to a joint result and make sure every relevant person is aligned
• Strive for an excellent customer satisfaction
• Lead times of orders and projects and timely reach milestones
• Provide correct and clear financial information to the financial administration to invoice correct and on time (cost control)
• Your colleagues are satisfied about your pro-active support/provision of information
• Your order administration is well organized
• Improve cost reduction and/or shorter lead time in order processing


To qualify for the position you must meet the following requirements:

• Business fluency in Dutch, German and English is required.
• Knowledge of third language is a plus.
• Above intermediate level or a Bachelor level.
• At least two years proven successful track record in a similar job challenge.
• Knowledge of relevant software (Microsoft AX/SAP)
• Experience in using VMI and JIT systems
• Enthusiastic, motivated and a customer oriented personality.
• Excellent communication skills
About the company:
Our client is a Japanese company with organizations spread across the world. Organizations making shirk sleeves and creating machines that apply the sleeves on the product. The market we operate in is growing year by year and we are investing continuously in innovation to keep their number 1 position in the market.
In this role you are an important link between the company and the customers. You are responsible for one of the biggest accounts of this client and for developing monitoring the supply-chain. Beside you also take care of the correspondence to the customer.