CBS reveals employment rates around the Netherlands

CBS reveals employment rates around the Netherlands

According to the Central Bureau of Statics (CBS) in the Netherlands, the Dutch economy grew an average of 2,2 percent in 2016. The only city that did not experience growth was Groningen due to the decline in gas production.

On average, the Netherlands boasts six percent unemployment, yet there are differences between regions. CBS has revealed which areas have the lowest and highest unemployment rates. 

Strongest growth: North Holland

The CBS found that the strongest growth in the Netherlands in 2016 was in the province of North Holland, particularly in Amsterdam and Zaandam.

The Zaandam economy grew by 3,3 percent in 2016 due to its food industry, whilst Amsterdam saw a three percent growth in its economy thanks to its rental and real estate market

Lowest unemployment in Zeeland

Interestingly, the lowest unemployment rates came from the areas of Gorinchem (in South Holland) and Zeeland. The municipality of Veere in the province of Zeeland had the lowest unemployment rate of all with 3,7 percent. 

Highest unemployment rates

Despite an economic growth of 2,3 percent, the city of Rotterdam experienced the highest rate of unemployment in the Netherlands with 11,3 percent.

According to the report, the Rijnmond region, where Rotterdam is located, has the highest unemployment rates of the 35 regions by 8,2 percent.

CBS unemployment

CBS unemployment bar chart

A regional overview

The labour market regions are smaller than the 12 provinces (Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe, Overijssel, Gelderland, Flevoland, Utrecht, North Holland, South Holland, Zeeland, North Brabant, Limburg), and do not always adhere to the boundaries they are in. 

A comparison of unemployment regions in the Netherlands:
Rijnmond (the area around Rotterdam): 8,2 percent
Haaglanden (the area around The Hague): 7,7 percent
Flevoland: 7,3 percent
Groningen: 7,1 percent

In 10 regions, unemployment was higher than the national average in the 25 other regions where it was lower.

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