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Information about Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the largest Dutch city, the capital of the Netherlands, and the nation's financial, business, cultural and commercial capital as well.

Since its founding in the 12th century, Amsterdam has evolved from a small fishing village into one of the most important ports in the world during the Dutch Golden Age, into a bustling and beautifully preserved cosmopolis with about 800.000 residents, 880.000 bicycles, 165 canals, 1.281 bridges, 40 parks, 40 concerts or theatrical performances daily, and numerous international companies.

Amsterdam's uniquely liberal policies towards cannabis and prostitution have earned it an international reputation as a city of tolerance as well as a nightlife capital, but its appeal extends well beyond the legendary Red Light District.

The city's 17th century canal ring, its crooked canal houses with their gorgeous gabled facades, and major museums like the Van Gogh and newly remodelled Stedelijk also give Amsterdam serious cultural credibility.

amsterdam history museum
Photo by Flickr user Sebastiaan ter Burg

With such a big and broad selection of things to see and do, it's no wonder that Amsterdam has become a major travel destination that attracts more than 4,6 million tourists each year.

Amsterdam's compact size, cycling lifestyle, diverse population (more than 170 nationalities!), English-speaking natives, abundance of green space, reliable public transportation system, and central location within Europe mean it's not only a great place to visit, but also a great place to live.

These factors and more explain why the quality of life in Amsterdam consistently ranks among the best in the world.

family cycling amsterdam
Photo by Amsterdamize

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Amsterdam ranks 11th in global city livability index

According to the Mercer Quality of Living index for 2015, Amsterdam still deserves its status as a rewarding city for expats.

Amsterdam ranked world’s fifth safest city in 2015 index

According to the Safe Cities Index 2015, a report from the Economist Intelligence Unit, Amsterdam is one of the safest urban centres in the world.

4 Amsterdam-based cultural passes for locals and tourists

Whether you're an expat local or a tourist, make the most of Amsterdam's rich cultural scene with these passes and cards!

Amsterdam to invest in becoming world-class startup hub

StartupAmstaredam, a new public-private initiative, has just been launched to turn Amsterdam into an EU hub for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Amsterdam is Netherlands' most dangerous city for cyclists, pedestrians

A new study reveals some facts about Amsterdam's road risks. Cyclists and pedestrians in particular should exercise caution.

Amsterdam among top 15 world cities with best reputation

A global survey by the Reputation Institute has given Amsterdam’s good reputation the official seal, ranking it the world’s 14th most reputable city.

Amsterdam in the future: six trends

What will Amsterdam be like in 20 years? Researchers look at current trends to get a glimpse of the city's future.

Amsterdam & Randstad rated 16th in Global City Report

A report by Singapore's Civil Service College has found Amsterdam and the Randstad to be one of the top 20 most influential urban hubs in the world.

Are Amsterdam’s canals clean enough to swim in?

Ever wondered if Amsterdam's canals are safe to swim in? Recent water quality improvements are an encouraging sign. Here's the lowdown...

Amsterdam ranked 12th most expensive expat city in Europe

Mercer's 2014 Cost of Living Survey ranks Amsterdam as the 12th most expensive city for expats in Europe, and 39th worldwide.

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