Real estate agents in the Netherlands

The amount of paperwork as well as the required time and effort for hunting down a decent place, negotiations, mortgage deals and legal work makes buying a property in the Netherlands a rather lengthy and complicated procedure.

How do real estate agents in the Netherlands work

Visiting a real estate agent (Makelaar) may significantly save you time and effort. Even though there are certain fees nearly all agents ask for, one can ask for mortgage advice and thus, minimise risks such as paying more than the real market value of a property, renting an illegal apartment, sealing a bad deal etc.

Real estate agents are generally involved in both the sale and the purchase, and may also offer numerous supplementary services such as:
valuation report
› insurance
› notary mediation
› taxation advice
› property inspection & structural surveys
› other mediation services (construction firms, architects etc.)
› translation services

Important notes

› Agents have the right to charge you up to 2% only if you ask them to find a place for you. If you are interested in a property they advertise, this fee is not applicable.

› Some real estate agents charge a registration fee while others charge fees to homeowners.

› Do your homework:
- How long has the agent been in the business?
- Does the agency have offices all over the country?
- Ask about their past deals

› Most agents cooperate with mortgage brokers. You are strongly encouraged to ask for a mortgage offer but you are not obliged to accept it.

› Always seek and compare alternative offers. A mortgage offered by a bank does not necessarily have to be better than an agents' or vice versa.

Links to real estate agents

› Amsterdam and surroundings

Mie-Lan Kok
Mie-Lan KokCommitted to providing its customers with excellent service at all times, Mie-Lan Kok has been helping expats successfully buy and sell residential properties in the Netherlands for almost fifteen years.
T: +31 235 475 941, E:

- 020 Makelaars
- Amsterdam House Hunting
- Brockhoff
- Interimmo
- Perfect Real Estate

› Eindhoven

- AB Makelaars
- Anja van de Ven
- Slippens Vermeer
- Woon Accent

› Groningen

- Kappenburg & van Prooijen
- Makelaardij Groningen

› Maastricht

- La Fontaine

› Rotterdam

- Adwil Vastgoed
- Alvast
- Goed 4U
- Langejan

› The Hague

- CMT Real Estate
- Duinzigt
- Frank Miller makelaars
- Homerun
- Hoophuis

› Utrecht

- De Keizer
- Domstad Makelaars

› Various locations

- Funda
- PR Housing

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