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Information about Rotterdam

From its beginnings as a fishing village in the 13th century, Rotterdam has evolved into the second largest city in the Netherlands and home to one of the largest ports in the world.

Much of Rotterdam's centre was destroyed during World War II. However, the city was reborn as a hotspot for modern architecture, with a towering skyline that is always changing and several of the country's most innovative buildings.

A popular saying among Rotterdammers goes "Money is earned in Rotterdam, divided in The Hague and spent in Amsterdam," reflecting Rotterdam's traditional view of itself as a no-nonsense workers' city.

Although Amsterdam is generally viewed as the cultural capital of the Netherlands, besides modern architecture Rotterdam also boasts one of the Netherlands' finest museums in the Boijmans van Beuningen, as well as a bustling contemporary art scene.

The city is also host to several major festivals, including the Zomercarnaval (Summercarnaval), which is the second largest Caribbean carnival in Europe, as well as the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Motel Mozaique, and the North Sea Jazz Festival.

Studying in Rotterdam

International Students Rotterdam (ISR) is a student-run organisation dedicated to helping international students acclimate to life in Rotterdam. ISR aims to do this through social events, academic events, and a comprehensive student guide about various aspects of living in Rotterdam.

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Videos about Rotterdam

Rotterdam in 60 seconds

CityFilm Rotterdam

Welcome to my hometown: Rotterdam

Where to buy food from home in the Netherlands

Missing home? Then there's nothing better than buying food from your own country. Here's a list of expat food stores all around the Netherlands.

Rotterdam’s Markthal is branching out

Rotterdam's beloved food market is opening up in the North behind Central Station. Fresh produce as well as workshops will soon be available at ZOHO.

The Netherlands' population growth: Dutch cities soaring ahead

According to the CBS, the population of the Netherlands grew to 17,1 million in the first 11 months of 2016. The speed of this growth has hit a record.

Cities in the Netherlands sign deal for a circular economy

Eight cities in the Netherlands sign a deal to work together with government officials and think tanks towards a circular economy.

Dutch cities increasingly polarised and segregated

The economies of the big Dutch cities are doing very well, but the difference between rich and poor is growing in the metropolitan areas of the Netherlands.

Three Dutch cities among the happiest in Europe

Every three years the European Commission releases data on the perception of the quality of life in European cities. Three Dutch cities made the top 19!

Relocating to Rotterdam: the best neighbourhoods for expats to live in

Thinking of moving to Rotterdam? Learn about the city's best neighbourhoods, their individual aesthetics and local cultures.

Study reveals most popular Dutch towns and cities according to locals

To help regions of the Netherlands become more 'marketable' to tourists, the study looks at residents' views on life in their Dutch towns and cities.

Big Dutch cities see accelerating growth

The populations of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Groningen are surging, due to changes in young people's lifestyle patterns in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam and Rotterdam among world’s most sustainable cities

According to a new global report on city sustainability, Amsterdam and Rotterdam balance economic, environmental and quality-of-life values.


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