A vintage tall ship sails around the IJ during what would have been SAIL Amsterdam

A vintage tall ship sails around the IJ during what would have been SAIL Amsterdam

A beautiful, centuries-old sailing ship sailed around Amsterdam harbour for a couple of rounds, on Thursday, August 13, which was supposed to have been the second day of SAIL Amsterdam. This proved an uplifting sight for passersby and sunbathers!

A centuries-old sailing ship sails through a quiet harbour

The crew was sailing around the Netherlands and decided to do a few rounds of the IJ in Amsterdam, to mark this would-be significant date in the sailing calendar.

The sailing ship journeyed into the harbour, taking a detour from the Standing Mast Route (Staande Mast Route), the designated route for tall ships in the Netherlands. The southern part of the route goes from Hollands Diep via Dordrecht, Gouda and Alphen aan den Rijn to Amsterdam. Then after Amsterdam, it continues north to Groningen

SAIL Amsterdam, which would have been taking place right now, has been cancelled due to coronavirus. This year would have been the 10th edition, so this weekend certainly sees a much quieter harbour than what might have been.

Next edition of SAIL taking place in five years

The tall ships event is a fixture every five years in Amsterdam and is a majestic sight to behold, with a convoy of antique sailing ships floating by for five summer days. The next edition of SAIL will take place, not in 2021, but in 2025.

Participating ships need to book years in advance and therefore holding it a year later than planned, which many other events were able to do, is unfeasible for SAIL. This is disappointing for anyone who was looking forward to the immense flotillas and the accompanying festive cheer this summer. Who knew that there would be a 10-year gap between the 9th edition and the 10th edition of SAIL?

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