5 trips to spend your holiday allowance on

5 trips to spend your holiday allowance on

If you're working in the Netherlands, you may have noticed a little extra pay in your bank account with this month’s salary. You may have even rejoiced about your Dutch holiday pay.

Spend your holiday allowance on a trip

But what should you spend it on? New clothes? A new laptop? How about a trip? Whatever your budget is, we have the trip for you. You no longer have to rack your brain about where to go. Here are five trips at five different price points. 

If you have 0-50 euros to spend: A day out and a fancy lunch

Take a train, bus or bicycle to one of the many attractions in the Netherlands and enjoy some delicious Dutch food with a friend! There's so much to choose from: museums, parks or any of the other top attractions in the Netherlands, such as Blue Boat canal tours or one of the country's zoos or animal parks.

Couple your trip with a fancy meal at a great price: You can find dining voucher cards at Hema for under 50 euros in Hema's “Lekker weg” series for a delicious lunch for two, a high tea for two or a posh meal for two. There are over 150 participating restaurants across the country, so you’re spoiled for choice.

If it’s your treat and 50 euros is your budget, then you might have to choose between the delicious meal and the visit to the attraction, but if you and your friend “go Dutch”, then you’ve got the perfect day out for less than 50 euros per person!

If you have 50-100 euros to spend: Camping

The Netherlands can be a beautiful place to go camping. In fact, it is known as one of Europe’s most ideal countries for well-equipped campsites. Provided the weather stays dry, the Netherlands is a camper’s paradise, whether you go to a faraway province or a campsite right on the edge of one of the main Dutch cities.

Some campsites cost as little as 3 euros per night and may be equipped with shower facilities, swimming pools, children’s play areas or even a bar! Camping Strandbad Edam for instance, is a popular campsite on the shore of the Ijsselmeer by a town well known for its cheese.

If you opt for the self-sufficient option, you can even camp for free in areas known as Paalkampeerplaatsen, which are owned by the state forestry, so you can pack up your car with all the food you’ll need for a relaxing escape from the bustling crowds. You haven't seen the Netherlands if you haven't spent some Dutch holidays in the green countryside!


If you have 100-200 euros to spend: Terschelling

A weekend on the island of Terschelling is the perfect way to spend some quality time away from it all, but not too far away! Whether you’re travelling by car or relying solely on public transport, getting to Terschelling (and the other Dutch islands for that matter!) is surprisingly simple. 

Every day, there is a boat service from the Frisian town of Harlingen, which is easy to reach by train from anywhere in the Netherlands. The standard adult foot-passenger return fare for the boat from Harlingen to Terschelling is 26,66 euros. If you travel in a group of more than 15 people, you can take advantage of the special group rate.

Add that together with your train fare and food and you will still have plenty to spend on a place to sleep on the island, ranging from cheap and cheerful guest houses or hostels to nice hotels. 

If you have 200-500 euros to spend: Paris by train

Getting to Paris is almost effortless from the Netherlands! Hop on a train and you can soon start soaking up the sensuous French capital and all it has to offer! Enjoy a few days of eating well, shopping (or window shopping), visiting museums or just simply drenching yourself in the beauty of the city of light!

The Thalys high speed train runs nine times a day from Amsterdam, Schiphol and Rotterdam. If you’re lucky, you could get there for less than 100 euros for a return ticket or closer to 250 euros if you travel in luxury! You can even book your train journey to Paris four months in advance, so now that your funds are looking replenished, it’s a good time to plan your summer city break!

Or you could swap your three-hour train journey for a quick flight from Schiphol, though you’ll have less leg-room and more queueing. Whether you go down the hotel route or book a cosy Airbnb, you’re sure to have an exhilarating stay!


If you have 500+ euros to splurge: A trip to Curaçao

Treat yourself to a holiday abroad, somewhere exotic like Curaçao! Just go for it! One of the Netherlands Antilles islands and part of the Dutch Caribbean, this island is illuminated by its bright blue sea and dazzlingly colourful urban buildings. The architecture of the capital city, Willemstad, somewhat resembles that of Amsterdam and Utrecht and the historic quarter has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The weather is more-or-less consistently warm and sunny, a great antidote to the unreliable Dutch rain and wind. Flights from KLM are around the 500 euros mark and will get you to the tropical paradise you’ve always been dreaming of.


Enjoy your holiday

No matter where you decide to go or what you spend your holiday allowance on, this little extra in your bank account is one of the many exciting perks of this time of year! 

What are you spending your holiday allowance on? Let us know in the comments!

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