Impressive street art in Rotterdam

Impressive street art in Rotterdam

Rotterdam has earned itself a reputation as an artistic city and the evidence is very obvious.

You don't need to go inside concert venues, night clubs, museums or other interesting buildings in Rotterdam to figure this out - a walk around the city is enough to immerse you in the creative essence of Rotterdam. Even photos of it will give you a fair idea!

Stroll around Rotterdam and see the amazing street art

During the coronavirus pandemic, with entertainment establishments shut and a curfew upon us, nightlife is non-existent. But Rotterdam is still an amazing place, no matter what. Stroll around marvelling at the impressive street art - the number of amazing masterpieces is expanding!

Below is just a small selection of great street art photographs, to share with you the beauty of an important facet of Rotterdam's art scene!

The "Make It Happen" street art series

Rotterdam's motto is "Make it Happen", reflecting the "can do" attitude of its inhabitants, which is demonstrated perfectly in the fact that Rotterdam is constantly changing and developing.

Photo: Erick Fecken Rotterdam Street Art Make it Happen series

Street art by Daan Botlek at the intersection between Schilderstraat and Schiedamse Vest shows a human tower! There are steel handles embedded in the wall so that visitors can try to climb and become part of the human tower!

Photo: Erick Fecken Rotterdam Street Art Make it Happen mural series

This piece of street art by Canadian artist Ian Kirk Patrick is called The Phoenix and is inspired by iconic Rotterdam landmarks. It is located near the Kruiskade.

Photo: Erick Fecken Rotterdam Street Art Make it Happen mural series birds and flowers

This piece by Collin van der Sluijs at the Karel Doormanstraat will be temporarily fitted with a swing, so that you can, in a way, interact with the artwork.

Photo: Erick Fecken Rotterdam Street Art Make it Happen

A fox, an owl, deer, a toucan, a sparrow and a dog are the main characters of the mural by I Am Eelco at the Bloemkwekersstraat. This side street is near Nieuwe Binnenweg.

Photo: Chris Bonis Rotterdam Street Art Make it Happen waterfall mural

At the back of the Paulus Church on Mauritsweg, you'll find "Calypso Falls" by Monique Benthin & Rick Messemaker. Take a selfie near it and it'll look like you've been teleported far, far away to some scenic hideaway!

Photo: Melanie van Sweeden Rotterdam Street Art Make it Happen Boat mural series

This painting of a fishing vessel trying to withstand the rough seas is by Belgian artist Bart Smeets at Boompjeskade. Its intriguing 3D effect is mesmerising - the bow of the ship looks as though it extends over the wooden bench!

Photo: Erick Fecken Rotterdam Street Art Make it Happen mural series bicycles

This city centre work of street art by Calvin Sprague is located at Delftsestraat. The Dutch are known for cycling, and this artwork is calling out for human interaction, thanks to the foot rests, handlebars and seats anchored to the wall to make it easier for passersby to get into position for a photo!

The Pow! Wow! Rotterdam street artworks

Photo: Martine Kiers rotterdam-street-art-janisdeman.jpg

This mural at Hilledwarsstraat was created for the Rotterdam-based street art festival known as Pow! Wow! Rotterdam. The artist is JanIsDeMan, who is noted for his astonishing street art in Utrecht.

Photo: Martine Kiers rotterdam-street-art-face.jpg

This street mural by Erico Smit was part of Pow! Wow! Rotterdam street art festival.

Photo: Martine Kiers rotterdam-street-art-at-work.jpg

This picture shows Klaas Lageweg at work. His murals can be seen all over Rotterdam and other Dutch cities and were featured at Pow! Wow! Rotterdam.

Other impressive murals in Rotterdam

Photo: Iris van den Broek Rotterdam Street Art Magpie Make it Happen

"Love Birds" was created by Tymon Ferenc de Laat & Robert Rost at the Boomgaardsstraat in Witte de Withkwartier.

Photo: Iris van den Broek rotterdam-street-art-kruiskade.jpg

This street art piece was made by Tymon de Laat and is located at Kruiskade.

Download a street art app and follow the urban art route

Image: courtesy of Rewriters Rotterdam Street Art Map

If you'd like a geographical overview of street art in Rotterdam, Rewriters is your go-to site. They map out interesting art routes on their Rotterdam street art app. Their route is regularly updated, so it's worth checking out for when you fancy a day out in Rotterdam. In "normal times" they also offer guided tours, too!

Take in all the amazing street art in Rotterdam

Rotterdam has become renowned as a city with a rich and vibrant artistic scene, so it's no wonder that it has such great street art. Take a stroll around this dynamic and down-to-earth city and discover great murals.

Thumb photo: Adrienne Wildeman

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