[Video] How to survive Dutch NYE fireworks

[Video] How to survive Dutch NYE fireworks

How do you survive Dutch New Year's Eve fireworks? Take a look at this video to get the lowdown on what to expect on New Year's Eve 2019 in the Netherlands.

Braving the Dutch firework tradition

The typical Dutch firework tradition involves thrill-seekers buying firecrackers and trying out treacherous stunts, often resulting in trips to the emergency room and agitated pets. Some love to take part as they see only the fun side, while others compare the tradition with the horrors of war. Listen to the booms and earth-shattering explosions, and you can decide for yourself what your verdict is.

Some Dutch municipalities have brought in firework bans, but it's very difficult to enforce this nationwide. So, if you're one of the many expats staying in the Netherlands during the holidays, expect to see (and hear) some chaos on New Year's Eve!

Watch the video and see what you make of it:

Video by Survival Guide to the Dutch

Enjoying professional fireworks from a safe distance

The yearly National New Year's Fireworks take place in Rotterdam and are a spectacular sight to behold. The fireworks display is professional and carried out in a safe way that makes for memorable results. If you'd like to see world-class fireworks in the Netherlands, then this is your best bet for New Year's Eve!

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