Police and enforcement officers ask Dutch government for a fireworks ban

Police and enforcement officers ask Dutch government for a fireworks ban

In the form of a Christmas card, police unions, enforcement and fire brigade volunteers are urgently asking the Dutch House of Representatives to “exhibit decisiveness and sort out a ban on firecrackers”.

Protecting emergency service members

It is regrettable that a firework ban hasn’t been brought about this year, feel the police unions ACP, VMHP, ANPV, as well as the supervisory union BOA ACP and the union for volunteer firemen. Incidents of violence increase around New Year’s and a share of those incidents is directed at the police and emergency service workers. A ban on firecrackers would make it safer for emergency service workers to do their jobs.

This year, the Cabinet worked out a ban on F3 fireworks (mostly only available for professional use) which present a medium hazard. However, that ban will only take effect in 2020 and is “too restrictive and makes enforcement unnecessarily complicated”, according to the unions.

The unions stress that although some municipalities have implemented firework bans and have made impeding emergency service works a punishable offence, at the end of the day it doesn’t change the circumstances under which they have to do their work. They urge the government to bring about a ban on firecrackers in 2020.

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