[Video] Efteling unveils a brand new roller coaster

[Video] Efteling unveils a brand new roller coaster

Efteling, one of the most popular amusement parks in Europe, is open to the public again! After all, the park is the size of about 140 football pitches, so social distancing is bound to be easy to maintain, as long as guests follow guidelines. That's not the only great news - there's also a brand new roller coaster!

A brand new roller coaster: Max & Moritz

The latest amusement park ride to become available to visitors at Efteling is Max & Moritz, shown in the video. Max & Moritz is an electrically powered double roller coaster for the whole family, with two tracks: a blue track for Max and a green track for Moritz. The two trains run in opposite directions and each makes their own journey. It opened on June 20.

Another ride based on an old story

The family roller coaster, like most rides and attractions in the Efteling, is based on children’s literature. Most get their inspiration from stories and characters by Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen.

This one is inspired by a German visual poem by Wilhelm Busch, about two mischievous boys called Max and Moritz, who drive their fellow villagers around the bend with their mischief. This translates perfectly into a theme park ride -  visitors who step aboard will figure it out for themselves what a boisterous and crazy adventure Max & Moritz is!

Book your Efteling tickets in advance

The Brabant amusement park is open once again and families with kids and students are bound to be looking forward to a day at Efteling during the school holidays! Tickets must be bought in advance and a time-slot must be adhered to. So, now's the time to enjoy a day at an amusement park without the dreaded long queues!

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