Utrecht to house world’s biggest bike lot

Utrecht is currently in the process of designing and planning its new railway station. This week it announced that the forecourt of the station will be raised, providing space for 12.500 bikes below.

With such a high number of cyclists in the Netherlands, parking spaces for bicycles is a prominent concern for many Dutch cities. Inadequate parking frequently leads to dissatisfied citizens, while solutions are often not sufficient or speedy enough.

Despite Amsterdam and The Hague's commitment to improving bike facilities, this news places Utrecht well ahead of its major competitors.

The parking will be spread over three levels and will provide direct access to the train station.

To improve safety, designers promise it will include proper lighting at all times. The architecture will also ensure clear lines of sight, so that cyclists don't need to worry about whether they're in a blind spot for drivers.

Planners are also designing a raised city square, with outdoor cafes and shops, to go above the bike parking unit.

The station should be finished by 2018.

Source: Fietsberaad

Elzi Lewis


Elzi Lewis

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