Coming soon: the first black box for bicycles

A new product from Los Angeles lets you easily record your bike rides, guaranteeing crucial evidence in case you are ever involved in an accident.

Black box technology

Rideye is a small "precision electronic device" that can be mounted onto your bicycle to continuously record your ride in high definition.

Modelled on the traditional black box found in airplanes, this objective recording device allows people to determine what went wrong before a crash.

Filming with Rideye is very simple: you just push a button. The device can store up to 2,5 hours of footage on its internal memory and when this is used up, it simply erases the oldest unsaved video to make room for more.

The company was inspired to design Rideye after hearing of a friend's hit-and-run accident. The invention struck them as logical , since cyclists often ride alone.

Like all road-users, the team behind the Rideye have also been involved in an unfortunate number of accidents. They wanted to provide additional support for bike users, who usually come off worse in accidents.

Accordingly, the team’s motto is, "together, we can make cycling safer for everyone!"

Product details

State-of-the-art lithium cells provide Rideye with a battery life of 24 hours, so that it can easily record the lengthiest trips and commutes.

Its 120 degree optics allow the device to film an impressively wide frame. The high resolution even allows users to identify license plates (crucial in hit-and-runs).

Rideye even has its own BlackBox accelerometer, which detects a crash and automatically saves the recording at the moment of impact.

On an aesthetic level, Rideye is also an attractive piece of biking technology. Crafted in aircraft-grade aluminium, the box has a brilliant finish and scratch-resistant coating.

Each camera will be individually tested for 24 hours before being shipped to customers.

To find out more about Rideye, click here.

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