Bitlock: (Un)lock your bicycle with the click of a button!

Bitlock: (Un)lock your bicycle with the click of a button!

Our everyday tasks and interactions are becoming increasingly dominated by technology. Now an innovative device called Bitlock could see smart phones revolutionising the field of bike security!

Seamless bike security

Bitlock is a physical bike lock which can be synchronised with your smart phone via bluetooth. When a user comes within one metre of the lock, it senses the phone's proximity and silently unlocks. The user then simply presses a button on the lock to fully release it.

This removes the whole tricky process of unshackling bicycles from chains and padlocks.

A clever app for cycling

Bitlock can also provide statistics on distance cycled, calories burnt and the amount of CO2 emissions you've saved by cycling!

Furthermore, the clever app remembers where you parked your bike - even if you don't. It records satellite data when the bike is locked, meaning you can easily locate it via GPS later. It also enables users to share their location, or make their bike "accessible" to friends and family, making bike-sharing infinitely less complicated.

And if your phone runs out of battery during the day, don't panic! Each Bitlock has a secret 16 digit code, which users can type in manually to unlock the device. The code can be written down and stored in your wallet, so there's no chance of being stranded if you're unexpectedly phoneless.

Technical features

Bitlock is thoroughly weather-resistant and can endure extended temperature ranges, thanks to its specially sealed internal components.

Intelligent power management means that the device can perform 10.000 lock/unlock combinations on a single battery.

Bitlock app on iPhones

For the average user, the lock will last roughly five years before its battery needs replacing.

The encryption system used by Bitlock are similar to those employed by online banking, making it virtually impossible for thieves to outwit it. The lock itself is made from reinforced steel, which should defy any crafty lock-cutters too.

Bitlock lock has been endorsed by various technology media services, including TechCrunch and Mashable. Following a successful funding campaign on Kickstarter last month, the device is available for pre-order now.

The app is currently compatible with iPhone 4S and beyond, as well as various Android devices (by Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Google, among others).

For more information and to pre-order the Bitlock, visit the website.


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