Give your bike an electric edge with Rubbee

Rubbee is a new device which uses the simple power of friction to transform ordinary bikes into electric models!

Problems in the current market

Electric bicycles are an attractive option for those who enjoy biking but struggle with hills or long distances. They are growing increasingly popular - but they still suffer from several flaws.

Firstly, electric bikes are overly heavy and come in a disappointingly small range unexciting of designs. Furthermore, an electric bicycle is a large financial investment which often needlessly replaces users' original, non-electric models.

And, although there are already conversion kits on the market, these currently require multiple tools and a good degree of patience to install.

They also add around 10-15kg extra weight to your bike - not ideal for practical purposes.

But the Rubbee claims to eliminate all of these problems. It takes seconds to install, is virtually unnoticeable in terms of weight and aesthetics, and still offers all the perks of an electric model.

Practically perfect

The Rubbee is a small device which sits on the back wheel of a bike. As the wheel turns, the Rubbee converts the resultant friction into electricity, which is then stored for later use.

A fully-charged Rubbee can provide sufficient electricity to power a 15 mile ride!

Rubbee with Richard Branson

Rubbee logo

Its clamp mechanism can be mounted or un-mounted in seconds. This means that users can quickly and easily switch their bicycle between regular and electric. 

It can be fitted to most bikes, regardless of wheel size or frame type. Consequently, it's ideal for sharing with friends and family.

The motor allows for a top speed of 25km/h, and has a 25km range. If it needs to be recharged via a socket, full charge time is roughly 2 hours.

It is also fully waterproof and features an LED light, which turns on automatically when you begin to pedal. Rubbees are currently available for pre-order; see the website for more details.

Source: Kickstarter
All photos courtesy of Rubbee's Kickstarter page

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