Temperatures could reach 30 degrees in parts of the Netherlands this week

Temperatures could reach 30 degrees in parts of the Netherlands this week

Although it was predicted that June temperatures weren’t likely to surpass 25 degrees celsius, the Netherlands is in for a pleasant surprise, with the mercury expected to rise up to 30 degrees in parts of the country this week. 

Possibility for tropical weather in parts of the Netherlands

The weather in the Netherlands is off to a good start this week, with a dry and mostly sunny Monday on the cards for most of the country. Dutch cities can finally enjoy summer conditions with Weeronline predicting temperatures of 22 to 26 degrees celsius for today. 

The weather will become warmer as the week goes on, before reaching the first possible tropical temperatures of the year on Wednesday, June 26. Cities in the southeast of the country, such as Eindhoven and Nijmegen, could experience temperatures of 30 degrees or higher, while other parts of the Netherlands can expect a balmy 26 to 29 degrees celsius. The day will also have high humidity with no rain predicted, making it the perfect reason to visit a Dutch beach after work

The chance of rain increases towards end of the week

Make the most of the warm, dry weather at the beginning of the week as the likelihood of rain increases as the days proceed. While higher temperatures of 26 to 29 degrees persist into Thursday, the chance of rain showers also increases throughout the day. 

If you had any hopes for a tropical weekend, you may want to adjust your plans as Friday will be cooler at 19 to 24 degrees celsius, with heavy rain and thunderstorms passing over the country. The rest of the weekend will see a mix of clouds, sun and the occasional shower with lower temperatures a possibility.

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