Temperatures to climb as the Netherlands is hit by another heatwave

Temperatures to climb as the Netherlands is hit by another heatwave

The country is heating up once again as meteorologists warn that another heatwave is set to hit the Netherlands this week, bringing sunny weather and temperatures of above 30 degrees. 

Week of sunny skies and hot weather on the cards

While the Netherlands enjoyed a mini heatwave towards the end of last week, this week is set to get even hotter, with forecasts predicting multiple days of temperatures of at least 30 degrees across the country.

Temperatures on Monday will be fairly mild, averaging around 24 degrees. Tuesday will be hotter, and will likely mark the first day of the heatwave, with clear skies and temperatures of 26 degrees expected in cities like Utrecht and Rotterdam.

From Wednesday, things will really heat up, marking the first day of so-called tropical conditions. The majority of the country will see temperatures of at least 28 degrees. Then Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will bring temperatures of 30 degrees and above for the whole country, with the heatwave peaking at 35 degrees on Friday in the southeast. Temperatures will drop slightly next week, but will remain in the mid-to-high twenties for much of the week - although you should prepare for a few rain showers.

Drought to continue as the Netherlands braces for heatwave

In order for it to constitute an official heatwave, temperatures have to reach above 25 degrees at least five days in a row, and three of those days have to see the mercury rise to at least 30 degrees. This means many expect this week’s weather will mark an official national heatwave - although it won't get quite as hot as it did in July.

The weather also means that the water shortage the Netherlands is currently experiencing isn’t going to disappear any time soon. The Rijkswaterstaat has also warned that anyone hoping to cool off by taking a dip in a lake or river should look out for blue-green algae, which can cause skin irritation, headaches, breathing problems, nausea, and diarrhoea. 

Finally, as a result of the ongoing drought and the imminent hot weather, a level two wildfire risk is in place across the country. This means that the emergency services and those managing Dutch national parks are on high alert. 

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