Switch to summer time brings warmer weather to the Netherlands

Switch to summer time brings warmer weather to the Netherlands

This weekend, the clocks go forward and everyone loses out on one precious hour of sleep. However, the good news is that the start of daylight savings time will be rung in with warmer temperatures. 

The Netherlands to see temperatures up to 18 degrees

The temperature across the Netherlands will rise over the weekend, and while Saturday's conditions are looking cold and wet, Sunday will see some much-needed sunshine. Monday will bring in double-figure temperatures, reaching between 15 and 18 degrees in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and The Hague, while parts in the south of the country could reach above 20 degrees! 

Tuesday will see even more sunshine as temperatures peak - it will likely reach above 20 degrees in Maastricht and between 17 and 20 degrees in the Randstad. Make the most of the spring-like weather while it lasts though, because Wednesday is expected to bring cooler temperatures, greyer skies, and maybe even some rain.

Rain and cool temperatures expected for Easter weekend

The weather will hopefully remain relatively sunny and dry for most of next week, but temperatures will drop significantly after Wednesday. Once we reach Friday, temperatures will be back down to around 10 degrees and, while there might be a little bit of sunshine, rain isn't entirely out of the question. 

Heading into the Easter weekend, will the Netherlands enjoy the heatwave it experienced Easter 2019? Or even the sunshine and mild weather from 2020? Sadly, this Easter weekend is looking fairly cloudy and grey, with temperatures between eight and 10 degrees expected for most of the country.

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