Snow is on its way to the Netherlands this weekend!

Snow is on its way to the Netherlands this weekend!

Parts of the Netherlands may have already been lucky enough to see snow this year, but meteorologists are saying the rest of the country could be in for a treat this weekend as weather site Buienradar predicts at least a little bit of snow for most of the country on Saturday!

Snow for much of the Netherlands on Saturday

Dutch weather has recently seen temperatures experience a noticeable drop, and heading into the weekend, Saturday will start off very cold and quite dry. But, as the day progresses, the wind will pick up and it will likely start to rain - but this rain should quickly turn to sleet and ultimately to snow. 

According to Huizinga at Buienradar, the west of the country is likely to see the most snow - approximately five centimetres - with the east of the Netherlands receiving around three centimetres of snow, and one centimetre predicted for the Wadden Islands. The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) has issued a code yellow weather warning for the whole weekend, and has asked members of the public to be careful on the roads.

Even if it snows, will it hold?

If you’re lucky and temperatures remain cold enough, the snow could hold into Sunday morning. But if any rain comes along on Saturday night the snow will melt quickly - and at the moment, rain showers are predicted across practically all of the country on Sunday. 

But the cold temperatures mean that canals and lakes could start to freeze over, and while the ice might not be thick enough for any ice skating, you will be able to enjoy a picturesque winter wonderland scene this weekend. And, even once the snow melts, the cold temperatures are expected to continue into next week, so the ice could last for longer than just a day or two. So make sure you wrap up warm and enjoy the first - and possibly last - snow of the season!

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