Snake slithers into BBQ, giving Dutch family a nasty surprise

Snake slithers into BBQ, giving Dutch family a nasty surprise

A family gathering quickly went from fun to frightening when the hosts discovered a two-metre-long snake curled up in their barbecue!

Dutch family shocked to find 2-metre snake hiding in barbecue

We all know the feeling: the sun comes out, the temperature rises, and you think it’s the perfect chance to make the most of the Dutch weather by inviting friends or family around to enjoy a barbecue at your house. For one household, however, this wholesome plan quickly took a turn for the worst when they discovered a two-metre-long snake hiding in their barbecue.

Last weekend, the Animal Ambulance Service responded to a call in Zeddam - a small village located around a 30-minute drive to the east of Arnhem - where a grey rat snake was hiding inside a barbecue. Luckily the species is non-venomous and was safely removed by professionals and taken to a local shelter. 

Non-venomous grey rat snakes not native to the Netherlands

Emergency services were fairly confused by the find, as grey rat snakes aren’t native to the Netherlands. The exotic animal is likely somebody’s pet, but NOS reports it isn’t clear who the animal belongs to.

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