Unique images of wolf captured in the Dutch Veluwe

Unique images of wolf captured in the Dutch Veluwe

Unique footage of a female wolf in the Veluwe National Park has been captured by Natuurmonumenten. This marks the first time that a wolf has been seen so regularly and from so close in the Netherlands

A wolf making herself at home in the Veluwe

The video footage shows a day in the life of the wolf: hunting, roaming, sleeping, and drinking. In the video, you can see her carrying a small pig in her mouth and standing off against a stag.

 Source: Natuurmonumenten

Traces of the wolf were first found in May 2020, after local foresters started to witness suspicious behaviour among other animals. The deer had started roaming in different parts of the forest, and seemed more frightened than usual: “As a forester, you know how animals behave, so I immediately asked myself: what is going on?" said forester Frank Theunissen.

Experts think the wolf is planning on staying in the area for a while, as they have witnessed her frequently marking her territory. They hope she will one day come across a male, so there might be a litter in the Veluwe.

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