NS submits plans for new direct night train from Amsterdam to Vienna

NS submits plans for new direct night train from Amsterdam to Vienna

Dutch public transport provider NS has submitted documents to market regulator ACM with plans to launch a new night train from Amsterdam to Vienna in December 2025. 

Direct night train from the Netherlands to Austria

In collaboration with the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), NS wants to run a new train via the Dutch cities of Amsterdam, Amersfoort and Deventer, and through Bad Bentheim, as well as other cities in Germany and Austria.

NS and ÖBB plan to split the existing Nightjet train line that runs via Innsbruck to Vienna into two lines, adding a new route via Deventer at the end of 2025. The current Nightjet from Amsterdam stops in 11 cities including Arnhem, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Nuremberg and finally Vienna. 

New generation Nightjet trains between Amsterdam and Vienna

Plans include using the new generation Nightjet trains, called DANI in Austria, on the new international train route. The new train will be able to carry 416 passengers, spread over a number of sleeping cars, couchette carriages, minicabs, lounge compartments and normal seats.

The journey would take approximately 14 hours and nine minutes, and would likely depart from Amsterdam Centraal station at around 7pm to arrive in Vienna at around 9am the next morning. On the return trip, the train would leave Vienna at around 8pm and arrive in Amsterdam at close to 10am.

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Mandoist 17:58 | 10 July 2024

How can people even take these constant "plans" serious anymore? Some international train "plans" have been sitting for years. And how can we forget about the latest old news -- they are still planning a special train from A'dam to Gronign in 68 minutes. That's at least a 10 year old "plan".