Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Amersfoort, The Netherlands

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Information about Amersfoort

Amersfoort is the second-largest city in the province of Utrecht, with a population of around 150.000. Remains of settlements in the Amersfoort region date from around 1.000 BC, but the name Amersfoort did not appear until the 11th century.

While many interesting things have happened in Amersfoort, perhaps the story of its nickname Keistad (boulder city) is the most amusing. A boulder was dragged into the city form the Soest moors in 1661 by 400 people due to a bet between two landowners. This earned the residents of the city the name Keientrekker (boulder dragger), which embarrassed them so much that they buried the boulder in 1672. The boulder was found again in 1903 and has now been placed in a prominent spot as a monument, although it may not be there for every visit, as it has been regularly stolen as a prank.

Sites & Activities in Amersfoort

Apart from rocks, the inner city of Amersfoort is worth visiting, as it has been preserved well since the Middle Ages. Highlights include the Koppelpoort, a medieval gate, the Muurhuizen (wall houses), a canal-system and many other medieval and other old buildings, a number of which are designated as monuments.

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