The Netherlands set to enjoy sunny weather this Easter weekend

The Netherlands set to enjoy sunny weather this Easter weekend

With Easter only a few days away, it looks like people across the Netherlands should be able to put their umbrellas and scarves away for the time being, with forecasts predicting sunny skies and mild temperatures this weekend. 

Better weather on the cards as temperatures rise

Over the past month, the Netherlands has seen just about every type of weather imaginable. The country has gone from sunshine and record-breaking temperatures, to snow, sleet and gale-force winds. Now though, with April well underway, it looks like the Netherlands can prepare for another significant shift in weather conditions. 

Tuesday will be gorgeously sunny, with temperatures of between 16 and 19 degrees in cities in the north, and up to 22 degrees in Eindhoven, Den Bosch, and Maastricht. Cloud cover will increase again on Wednesday, as will the chance of rain showers. Similar conditions are expected on Thursday, but temperatures will remain nice and warm: between 15 and 20 degrees. 

Good chance the Netherlands will enjoy a sunny Easter

Heading into the weekend, be prepared to dig out your sunglasses (and maybe even short-sleeved T-shirts, if you’re feeling brave) as the skies clear and forecasts predict lots of sunshine. 

Those living in the southern regions, or in cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam or The Hague can expect temperatures of between 16 and 17 degrees all weekend, so they’ll certainly be able to make the most of their public holiday on Monday. Long-term forecasts show that the chance of rain will increase again next week, but temperatures should stay in the double-digits (for now, at least).

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