A mini heatwave? Tropical temperatures on the way to the Netherlands

A mini heatwave? Tropical temperatures on the way to the Netherlands

Brace yourselves: this week is going to be hot! While much of the Netherlands is currently enjoying a sunny spell, soaring temperatures mean that some Dutch cities and towns are set to see the mercury reach 30 degrees on Friday and Saturday. 

Dutch temperatures set to reach 30 degrees this weekend

Since last week’s storms, the Netherlands has been lucky enough to actually see some decent weather. While temperatures haven’t been too warm, the sky has largely remained blue and sunny, allowing people across the country to enjoy the early days of summer. This week, though, that’s all set to change as the heatwave in Switzerland and southern Europe spreads to the Netherlands. 

Meteorologists at Weerplaza report that Friday and Saturday will see a wave of “very hot air” flow northwards from Spain, bringing with it some seriously tropical temperatures, specifically in the southern and southeastern regions of the country. 

The Netherlands' first tropical day of 2022? 

The next couple of days will be sunny, with temperatures on Tuesday ranging from 18 degrees on the Wadden Islands to 23 degrees in Eindhoven and Den Bosch. Temperatures are set to climb, however, with many Dutch cities - including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague - expected to see temperatures of around 27 degrees from Wednesday. 

Forecasts say Saturday is going to be the hottest day, with temperatures of at least 26 degrees expected across the whole country. Cities like Maastricht could see temperatures reach as high as 32 degrees. The country could even see its first official tropical day of the year, if it reaches 30 degrees in De Bilt (a town near Utrecht and home to the Dutch Weather Institute). 

As afternoon turns to evening on Saturday, parts of the country will likely see a few rain showers or thunderstorms, leading to significantly cooler temperatures on Sunday. Want to make the most of the sunny weather while it lasts? Check out one of the Netherlands’ many gorgeous beaches, or head to one of the country's national parks - but make sure to pack the sunscreen! The sun will shine at a UV index of seven, meaning that without any protection, your skin will burn after just 15 minutes in the sun.

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