KNMI once again issues code yellow weather warning for heavy winds

KNMI once again issues code yellow weather warning for heavy winds

For the third day in a row, the Dutch Weather Institute (KNMI) has issued a code yellow weather warning for heavy winds. Amsterdam and other parts of North Holland can expect winds of up to 80 kilometres per hour.

Strong winds expected in northernmost Dutch provinces

The Netherlands has faced strong winds and a significant amount of rain over the last few days, and while the weather is set to clear up a little in time for the weekend, the KNMI has issued one final day of weather warnings. 

A code yellow warning is in place across the four northernmost Dutch provinces - North Holland, Flevoland, Friesland, and Groningen - from 8am to 2pm on Friday, October 22. The Wadden Islands should prepare for the heaviest winds, as the KNMI expects gusts of between 75 and 90 kilometres per hour in this part of the country. 

The KNMI has warned that traffic and any outdoor activities could be negatively affected by the current weather conditions, and have advised the heavy winds be taken into account for any Friday plans. 

The Netherlands continues to battle heavy storms

Friday marks the third day in a row that weather warnings have been issued in the Netherlands on account of severe winds. Several parts of the country have suffered serious damage as a result of strong winds and small tornados. 

The towns of Barendrecht (near Rotterdam) and 's-Heerenberg (near Nijmegen) were hit by tornados on Wednesday night. At least four people suffered injuries in Barendrecht, with one being rushed to hospital for treatment. Areas in and around Utrecht were also severely affected by the storm.

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