It’s been the coldest spring since 2013, but summer is on the way!

It’s been the coldest spring since 2013, but summer is on the way!

The weather this past week has been bleak, to say the least. As a whole, this spring has been cold and grey, especially in comparison to the gorgeous weather the Netherlands experienced last year. 

Although it's not year clear whether 2021 will even have a "proper summer", the good news is that the weather is picking up, and temperatures could reach as high as 25 degrees next week!

The sun is finally on its way to the Netherlands

Friday marks the first day where you’ll really notice a difference in weather. As the day progresses, the sun will come out and by Friday afternoon it will be sunny and warm, ranging from 16 degrees in the northwest to 19 degrees in the southeast. But be warned - there could be a few showers.

Heading into the weekend, the weather will continue to improve. Saturday and Sunday will both be relatively sunny, with only a few clouds. There will be a little wind on Saturday, but temperatures will range between 16 and 22 degrees all weekend - perfect temperatures for sitting on a terrace to enjoy a drink or heading to a park to make the most of the sunshine. 

Temperatures could peak at 25 degrees next week

The good news is that the nice weather is set to last a little longer than just the weekend. For the first half of next week, temperatures could reach as high as 25 degrees in Maastricht, while Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam will peak at a very respectable 23 degrees. 

While the weather projections for the rest of next week are still uncertain, the current picture shows that temperatures will remain high heading into next weekend. Temperatures will stay in the low 20s, with very little to no rain expected throughout the course of next week.

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