Heatwave to potentially bring 40-degree temperatures to the Netherlands

Heatwave to potentially bring 40-degree temperatures to the Netherlands

While the weekend may not have offered much in the way of nice, summery weather, things are looking better this week as a heatwave heads to the Netherlands, bringing with it temperatures of at least 25 degrees - and potentially as high as 40 degrees! - for much of the country.

Warmer and sunnier weather is on the way! 

After a few weeks of consistently decent weather in June, the classic Dutch summer has been back in force the past few days, meaning much of the country has endured grey skies with temperatures of only around 20 degrees. Those lusting after some hotter days will be happy to hear that the weather is set to change quite considerably this week - and that the warmer, sunnier conditions will stick around for a while. 

From Tuesday onwards, Dutch cities and towns can expect largely sunny skies and temperatures ranging from 26 degrees in Groningen to 30 degrees in Eindhoven. Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague can expect temperatures of around 27 degrees, meanwhile, in Rotterdam, it could reach as hot as 29 degrees celsius.

Dutch temperatures could reach 40 degrees this weekend

The rest of the week isn’t looking too shabby either - although the temperatures are expected to drop slightly before rising significantly over the weekend, with some meteorologists warning that the Netherlands could see the mercury reach 40 degrees on July 17 or 18!

Temperatures upwards of 40 degrees are unheard of in the Netherlands, occurring only a handful of times in July 2019. While forecasts say the chance that temperatures exceed 40 degrees this weekend is pretty small, meteorologists are certain that the country should brace for temperatures of around 30 degrees. 

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