Geminids meteor shower to peak over the Netherlands next week

Geminids meteor shower to peak over the Netherlands next week

December is here, and that can mean only one thing. No, we’re not talking about the Christmas holidays - we’re talking about the Geminids meteor shower, which will peak in skies over the Netherlands next week on December 14. 

Hundreds of meteors to be visible in Dutch skies 

Taking its name from - you guessed it - the Gemini constellation, the Geminids are a real highlight of the annual astronomical calendar. The meteor shower arrives in the Netherlands every December and provides a meteoric feast for the eyes, with up to 120 meteors visible an hour at the shower’s peak. 

Make sure you’re prepared and know what to look out for: the meteors tend to be bold, white, and quick. You won’t need any extra equipment for this shower, but experts advise setting aside at least an hour for stargazing in order to ensure your eyes have time to adapt to the darkness.

How to watch the Geminids meteor shower from the Netherlands

This year, the peak of the Geminids falls on the night of December 14. To be in with the best chances of catching a glimpse of the display, try to head out of the city and find somewhere that doesn’t have too much light pollution (like a national park). Hopefully, the skies will stay clear of clouds and rain and the Dutch weather will cooperate on the night! 

If you’re worried about staying up late on a weekday, then don’t worry; you’ll still be in with a decent chance of spying a couple of meteors either this weekend or next weekend. Is one meteor shower not enough to satisfy your appetite? Worry not: the Ursids will also be peaking before the year's end!

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