Dutch chef breaks world record after cooking for 127 hours

Dutch chef breaks world record after cooking for 127 hours

A chef from Zeeland has been given a spot in the Guinness World Records after becoming the only person confirmed to have cooked for 127 hours in a row. The chef had to meet strict criteria in order to meet the requirements for the record, including sleeping for an hour a night with the pans still simmering while having witnesses on hand to ensure that he wasn’t cheating. 

Zeelander beats previous cooking record by seven hours

The chef in question, Kees Visser, undertook the huge challenge in his kitchen with a team of witnesses over the 5-day period. Visser’s new 127-hour record exceeded the previous record of 120 hours, set by the Irishman Alan Fisher earlier this year. 

According to the rules set by the Guinness World Records, Visser needed to do more than simply bake a very large cake slowly for five days, he was required to cook proper dishes such as stews, curries and soups during the 127-hour period. The meals have been distributed over to care centres and other healthcare institutions in Schouwen-Duiveland.

Chef saved up sleep to sleep for 1,5 hours per week

To achieve the record, Chef Visser saved up sleep in advance, to be able to sleep less during the five days. The chef then slept for around 1,5 hours per night, while the pans continued to simmer and the food continued to roast in the oven.

Visser told PZC his plans for the days after the challenge: “Take a shower and try to get some sleep.” He also will not take more than two days off to rest. “It's my job. And I just like cooking too. But no more stews for a while. My stomach has had enough.”

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