Jumbo to stop giving special offers on meat from May 2024

Jumbo to stop giving special offers on meat from May 2024

Dutch supermarket Jumbo is set to stop offering promotional special offers on meat products from the end of May 2024, in a move aimed at helping consumers make more sustainable choices. 

Jumbo wants 50 percent of on-shelf protein to be plant-based

The supermarket chain, which is one of the largest in the Netherlands, is scrapping the promotions in order to help it move closer to its target of having 50 percent of its on-shelf protein come from plant-based products by 2025. The company has stated that it aims to take this even further by 2030, when it hopes to have a 60:40 ratio of plant to meat-based protein in store. 

“We have not taken this decision overnight,” chief executive Ton van Veen said. “Our analyses show that achieving this interim goal can only be achieved by stopping special offers involving meat,” Van Veen added. 

Jumbo criticised for having too many meat promotions in 2023

The move comes after the supermarket was criticised heavily in 2023 for offering double the amount of meat promotions that it did the year before. Now, animal rights organisations say they are pleased with the news that Jumbo is going to tackle the issue of meat promotions in the food industry. 

“We are impressed with the ambition Jumbo is showing,” said animal rights group Wakker Dier, which has long campaigned against meat discounts. The Dutch Ministry of Health (RIVM) recommends that people should get 60 percent of their protein needs from plant-based sources.

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