Lidl to sell discounted bags of damaged fruit and veg at Dutch stores

Lidl to sell discounted bags of damaged fruit and veg at Dutch stores

In an attempt to reduce food waste, the supermarket chain Lidl has announced it now sells paper bags filled with damaged or misshapen fruit and vegetables at a discounted price at its stores in the Netherlands

Lidl Nederland launches new fruit and veg bags

Launched this week in collaboration with Too Good to Go, the new Verspil Mij Niet bags (“Don't waste me”) can be found in all 440 Lidl supermarkets in the Netherlands, and will set customers back just 3 euros for around 4 kilograms of fresh fruit and vegetables.

“For 3 euros, our customers can take a healthy meal home with the bag, and together we can prevent food waste. [It’s] a win-win,” Lidl sustainability manager Esmeé van Veen said in a statement. “In addition, fruit and vegetable donations to the Dutch Food Banks will continue as usual. ”

Dutch supermarket working to reduce food waste by 50 percent

The supermarket chain hopes the scheme will help them achieve its goal of reducing food waste by 50 percent by 2030 compared with 2018. Other similar initiatives run by the company include using leftover bread to make chicken feed, and selling fresh products (e.g. meat and vegetables) at heavily discounted prices on the day of their expiration date. 

Thumb via Lidl Nederland.

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