Apple pie-flavoured cheese is the newest Dutch food craze

Apple pie-flavoured cheese is the newest Dutch food craze

As the wacky Dutch food saga goes from crompouce to frikandellenvlaai, there is now a new kid on the block: appeltaartkaas, or apple pie-flavoured cheese. Are you ready for this one?

Dutch apple pie cheese goes viral on the internet

Such is the case with many of these food crazes, the apple pie cheese trend found its feet on the internet. Social media users posted about the usual flavour of cheese on sale at the Dutch supermarket Jumbo. 

Clips of users tasting the cheese on TikTok soon went viral, with many users quick to comment that they wanted to go and try the cheese soon. The creator of the original video, Kelly Camfferman, told Hart van Nederland that she was surprised at how quickly the video spread and how many people expressed an interest in trying the cheese.

@kellycamfferman Serieus wie verzint dit? Het is dus echt HEEL lekker 😋 #appeltaartkaas #lekker #jumbo #boodschappen #kaas #fyp ♬ ぐだぐだな感じ - yuki

Video-maker shocked at taste of apple pie-flavoured cheese

Camfferman was also surprised at just how much the cheese tasted like apple pie. "It is a very special taste, the cheese really tastes like apple pie. You taste vanilla, cinnamon and apple, but in a cheese structure," she told Hart van Nederland.

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